Buzz Rivest

Kirby (Buzz) has dedicated his career to mastering stained glass & copper foil, his dedication has produced one of the world’s most accomplished glass artisans.

The interplay between glass & light has always fascinated me, I see the world in terms of line & color, the challenge of interpreting it in glass, my feast.
Introduced to his life's passion at 20, has taught himself disciplines of design, composition, color & construction. As a technician, is as comfortable working in 3 dimensions as in 2. Whether a floor standing unit, window display or lamp, he introduces a sense of depth & perspective achieved only from a dedication to his craft. His meticulous attention to detail enables him to use pieces of glass as small as 1/16 of an inch. As a result of his apparently seamless presentations, he is often approached to repair or modify glass work, some of which were originally produced over 100 years ago. His work reflects a cross cultural application of many civilizations, including, Central America, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Native North American West Coast & more. His original pieces are innovative, fresh & made with a sense of romanticism.